First Service Project for 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Saturday Stampers!  I promised to get back on track with blogging here I am at 9:00pm posting...better late then never!  I shared at Customer and Demonstrator Appreciation last week that I have several give back projects scheduled for 2013...the 1st one is a Mother's Day cardraiser for a troop of 43 deployed in Afghanistan.  We've done cards for this troop before....many of you know my flying friend and fellow stamper's for her son James and his troop!  Cards are due to me by 4/ fooling.  We need 86 total as we want to send enough so each solider gets 2 cards to send back.  Please do NOT USE glitter on your cards and please do include an envelope.  Other then that have fun and be creative.  I will keep you updated as the cards come in....earlier this week at class I received quite a few cards...thank you Sue/Brenda and Linda.  The card feature here was created by the very talented and clever Sue!  Any questions please ask...otherwise no fooling get your cards to me by 4/1. 
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