Feel Good Friday

Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Friday everyone!  I have a few things to share with you...first off is it's another Feel Good Friday!  We can all feel good about our recent contributions!  Earlier this week I dropped off 100 Birthday Cards for the Sumner Senior Center.  They were so excited and are now well stocked for all their card giving occasions.  I also donate some postage stamps.  So for now we are done with this cardraiser.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS!

This morning I received a phone call from the local Orting Book Club that makes up the kids bags at the Orting Foodbank....she just wanted to thank us again for all the kids birthday cards and tell me how pretty and nice they are.  They are also well stocked at the moment and she said she would let me know when they started to run low.  So we are also done with this cardraiser for the moment too.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATIONS.

If you want to bless folks with your cards this summer suggestions for places for you to drop them off would be:  nursing homes, senior centers (not sumner!) and old soldiers home.  I am taking a break till fall on collecting cards. 

Another feel good for today is the pretty basket that my friend and neighbor Terri put together for the upcoming Nicole White fundraiser.....the basket was donated by Ronda and I donated the product.   Terri does such an awesome job and I so appreciate her doing these baskets for me...they are a million times prettier in person!

Last but not least I got to see Marta earlier this week...she is doing well with her recovery and gave me a really nice thank you card to share with all of you thanking you for the cards we/you have sent her....she said they mean a lot and she hopes to see all of you in stampin' classes this fall.

Okay it's been a great week of service and thank you again for helping make all of the above possible...it takes a team!  Now I want to  wish each of you a wonderfully blessed and safe 4th of July,

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