80th Birthday Celebration!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Yesterday was fun as we celebrated my Dad's 80th birthday, which was last Tuesday so basically it's been a party or event almost every day since then!  Here is the birthday card I made him...I need a long card, this fit into a regular legal size envelope.

I needed a long skinny card so I could tuck in many treats so when you open it looks like this!  I used those handy glue dots to attach the gift cards and made a little cardstock holder for the cash!   

He loved it an already has his movie picked out and of course Mom is thrilled she gets out of cooking dinner 1 night!

Have a wonderfully blessed Sunday....I am off to the friendly skies!  GO HAWKS!  I will be able to catch at least 1/2 of the game...YEAH! 

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