Stamper's Lunch

Monday, July 11, 2016

We had such a great time on Saturday at the Stamper's Lunch, the venue was perfect, food was good, projects were fun, people were enjoying themselves and lots of stampin' love going on!  I hope to do this again!

I have showcased all of the project on the blog in the past week except this last one...these were the table displays and were designed by my good friend Lynn...she did a ton of prep on them and I so appreciate her time and efforts!  She is getting a really cool thank you gift for her time and efforts!  Shhh I can't talk about it today but maybe next week!

Thanks to Mary WI for the photo's!  One of the things I really like about this project is that the container is an upcycled Stampin' Up! button or embellishment container.  Now it was no small feat getting 42 containers for the thank you to Carol, Char, Tammy, Lynn, Me and probably someone I forgot for donating all the containers so we could do this project!

If you placed an order at the Stamper's Lunch they have all been sent in....if your order was over $50 you received some bonus bucks from Stampin' Up! so check your email for those codes, they can be redeemed in August.  I don't have access to the code and stampin' up! will not resend them so please print and save them in a safe place until it's time to redeem them!

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