Holiday Catalog and Special Offers Start Today!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Yahoo the Holiday catalog starts today!  So many fun new choices.  If you are a customer of mine and you didn't get your copy in the mail let me know.  You can view it too by clicking on the photo above.
Something fun and new is going on for the next THREE weeks called Special Offers!  Each week there will be a list of items on sale, today is the first week and these specials last until September 7th! 
You can order online OR if you are local and would prefer to order with me I am placing an order this SATURDAY 9/4, the items will be in about a week later and you can pick them up at my home after the arrive.  OR I can set up meeting you in town OR on South Hill.  Or you can pick up at an upcoming event  This saves you on shipping!!!!  Click on the icon below to see the list of what is on sale this week.


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