Thank You Cards!

Sunday, February 19, 2017

In the last week my husband and I have receive some very unexpected Thank You cards....they are making a come back and I personally LOVE IT!

So last week while working and man walked on my flight and handed an envelope to each of us working and thanks us for coming to work.  I just thought that was so cool, he wrote each of us a very thoughtful note inside the card too!  The card while it does look handmade isn't, what a smile he put on my face that day!

Earlier this week my husband had a medical test at a local hospital, the staff was super nice and took good care of both of in the mail we got this card from the three nurses involved in his care with another nice note inside.....WOW just WOW, this card while very simple is hand stamped!  

I have always been big on Thank You cards and I am so pleased they are making a come back!

Speaking of Thank You cards, my goal for for the 1st quarter of 2017 is to donate 100 Thank You cards to the Orting Food Bank, we have 71 right now...I'd love to hit my goal before the end of this month, so I am asking for help!  The cards must be flat mailable with normal postage so no embellishments, envelopes are appreciate but I can provide if needed.  You can bring them to class or drop them in the mail to me or drop them off at the studio in my home.  Thanks for all your help, it's appreciated!  Once I finish this goal I know there will be another need for us to help with!  One of my many business goals this year is to do more giving back!

Have a wonderfully blessed Sunday,

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