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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Hey Everyone, I am so sorry I've been missing for several weeks!  Most of you know that Mr. Flying Stamper had open heart surgery last month and well it's been quite the recovery and has kept me hopping in many ways I never knew even existed.  I've learned so much, and the one thing I want to really share with each of you is take care of your heart, get your checks, if your over 50 get a cardiologist and get a heart check up once a year.  Listen to your body!  Mr. Flying Stamper is doing better but he is still suffering from shortness of breath and that is holding his recovery up.  We have an appointment with a pulmonary Doctor later this week to see if we can get this resolved.

Now on to the card...so I got this card in the mail last week from my pal Diane S....and well it kinda arrived on a day when i was utterly frustrated with our medical system....it was like so perfect...here is the inside of the card, it made me laugh!

The stamp set she used is called Just Kidding (it's retired).  I also love the way she used the washi tape at the bottom of the card.

Okay I am gonna do my best to try and begin making a few posts a week......so see ya later this week hopefully,

Miss you all....sending Inky Hugs,

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Anonymous said...

That is a great card! I'm glad it "landed" on the day you needed it. Tell Jess to keep hanging in there - the Lord WILL bring him through it. Take care my friend. Deb2

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