Number of Years

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Hey hey hey Stampers!  Today Mr. Flying Stamper and I celebrate our 33rd wedding where did the time go anyways?  I got up super early this am to knock this card out for him. I love the Number of Years stamps and coordinating can use them for so many different occasions!

I haven't shared my paper saving punch idea for awhile so here is what the vanilla layer looks like under the DSP!

 We aren't doing much this year to celebrate...I was hoping for a trip to the Ocean but he is just not up to traveling or doing much.  So we spent the morning at Cardiac Rehab, which is another learning opportunity for me and building strength and getting him a little social time for him!  All good...we are just so blessed to have had 33 plus years or adventures and fun together...we'll get through this season and be stronger for it.  He is currently taking a "big boy" nap and if he feels up to it we may venture out for dinner and a concert in the park...and if not there are leftovers calling our's a nice day and we'll eat on our patio and celebrate officially another day!

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