Punch Art Boxes

Sunday, June 4, 2017

My friend Lynn made these adorable boxes for Mr. Flying Stamper and I to pass out to his medical providers last week!  She is so clever with her ideas and use of punches.  The Doctor's and Nurse's just loved them!

So timely we had many medical appointments last week.....follow ups, labs, home health nurse, physical therapy and Friday we landed up at the hospital for a real fun procedure called a Thoracentesis.  That is where a radiologist goes in and removes fluid around a lung, Jess was very winded and having trouble walking very far every since surgery but even more so since coming home.  An x-ray on Thursday revealed he had a lot of fluid around the left lung.  They removed 1.4 liters, 1.5 is the max that can remove.  The after x-ray looked good and he is less winded now so hopefully that is the last of the hospital visits for awhile.

We hope to really get into recovery mode now!  Keep those prayers coming peeps!  Thanks,

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