Daisy Delight Birthday Celebration Continues!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

So here is the cake (pie) I made for my daughter's 40th birthday, it was so YUM!  I will post the link to the recipe for you below the photo, it's a raw pie and super healthy!  We picked the blueberries too!

We celebrated her birthday at a cute restaurant in Sequim called Blondie's Plate!  Here is the table centerpiece:
My daughter wanted to spend her birthday week walking the Olympic Discover Trail, so on her birthday I walked 9 miles with her.....I walk but usually not more then about 5 miles a day.....I was kinda impressed that I could go that far and still function the rest of the day.  I don't even have any blisters but as soon as I got back to my hotel room I took a nice long soak in epson salt and lavender essential oils.   Here we are at the start of the walk!
Well I have to tell you now that we were suppose to be celebrating her 40th in Thailand, I had earned the Stampin' UP! trip and that was going to be our special time together....but with Mr. Flying Stamper's health we had to make a new plan and stay close to home.  

He was able to make the trip to Sequim with us and participate in the birthday celebrations except the walking part so that we were happy about that!  The recovery is going much slower then we had hoped so I am very glad we made the decision a few months ago to cancel the Thailand trip.

Have a great day and check back tomorrow for more sharing of the birthday celebration!

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