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Friday, August 23, 2013

So I think I've mentioned before how easy and portable the paper pumpkin kits are...thought I would share them in action on a layover earlier this week. Hold on this is going to be long post! 

 My good flying friend Lauri subscribed to My Paper Pumpkin and is new to stamping so I told her to bring her kit on our trip and we'd do them together.  Lauri got the first kit and I got the August edition!  We had a really great time after flying all day putting our cards together in my hotel room.  The only thing I brought was a glue stick and we were set!  So here is what Lauri's kit looked like when it arrived (it's such a cute and fun piece of mail):

Then she opened it and found all of this (wow that D block is worth $8.50 on it's own) and her kit with the PUMPKIN DEAL promotion was only $10.00:

There are enough supplies to make 4 adorable cards: 

Finished!  She decided to leave the button off a couple of cards to make them easier to mail!  That is the great thing about stamping you can easily alter things!

While she was working on her cards I did the August kit...which I might add is STINKING CUTE and oh so Deb!  I've been riding my bike a lot this summer (almost 16 miles yesterday) so I screamed with delight when I saw the August kit!  I had to borrow a photo for the kit as I was so excited to put it together I forgot to take one!  Isn't that bike the cutest EVER? 

Here I am with the finished card (there were 4), I had a few leftover scraps so I decorated my envelopes too! 


So that is the scoop for today.  Don't forget that until August 31st, new subscribers can get My Paper Pumpkin for $10 for the first 2 months.....sign up here and be sure to use the promo code:  PUMPKIN DEAL!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for information on another My Paper Pumpkin drawing....someone is going to win something fun!
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