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Thursday, January 18, 2018

It's taken my a long time and many edits to complete this post.....but I owe it to my firend and downline to get this done!

Here is a cute card we did at my last downline team meeting last year, this card was created in memory of my downline Leslie Cooley who passed away in late November.....from breast cancer round #2.  She had been a survivor for 5 years and then it came out of remission-she passed a few days before this meeting and I had kind of a hard time with it-it was not expected and well I hadn't gotten a chance to go out and visit her or take her a meal or anything.   I had planned after the meeting to do that and take her the projects and fill her in on the meeting details as she had told me she wasn't feel well enough to attend.  

In the end I sucked it up and had the meeting because I knew that would have been Leslie's wishes but I also wanted to do something at the meeting to honor her.  I know that Leslie would really like to see us doing more to support other's going through breast cancer treatment....so we made these cards to send to women in treatment.

This is my awesome team!  Love these ladies they were happy to help make the cards for this purpose.
Here is Leslie after the Race For the Cure:

Leslie was very passionate about her community and doing for others, especially women.  At her service I learned that she was involved in so many different volunteer organizations....just amazing.  While I miss her here I know she is in Heaven organizing some event or other and I felt her kind spirit every single time I mailed one of those cute cards out.  The cards are gone now.....BUT I want to continue in her memory so I am working on something that ALL of the Flying Stamper's can be a part of it they choose....you will learn more about that at my customer appreciation event AND at my next team meeting.

Have a great day AND don't put off what needs to be done today, you just never know.  Have a great day,

AKA The Flying Stamper

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