2014-2015 Catalog Pre-Order

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Isn't she purdy?  I love her and pleased to announce lots of new stamp sets and goodies to be had, no price increases, hostess plan remains the same, life is good!  We aren't allowed to publish any pictures of the inside of the catalog but soon many of you will have your own copy.  Read all about how to get one right here:

1)  If your attending Fond Farewell Stamp Camp you will receive your copy at class!  Right now I have 2 spots seats in Friday 5/16 at 6:00pm.  Email/Text/Write/Call if you'd like to get one of those seats. 

2)  If your not able to attend Camp and you have made a purchase from me or attended class this year I'll be ordering a catalog for you....and you can pick it up here anytime AFTER the 17th.  Let me know your interested in getting a catalog.  If you prefer to have me mail the catalog to you I can do that too it's $5.50 to mail them.

If you don't fall into #1 or #2 shoot me an email and we'll discuss how to get you a FREE catalog!

Let me know what you pleasure is in terms of getting the catalog,

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